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Vital statistics
Appearances The Earth Bull
Portrayed by Ron Donachie
Theos: "Thank you, Jason."
Jason: "How do you know my name?"
Theos: "It was foretold. Only you could lift the curse the gods placed on me. I did a great wrong. I betrayed your father."
— Theos and Jason talk as Theos is dying.[src]

Theos was a man who was cursed by the gods to become the Minotaur and live in the Labyrinth under Atlantis with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. The cause of the curse was Theos' betrayal of Jason's father.

Many people had tried to kill him but but he lived over twenty years as the Minotaur until Jason killed him and lifted the curse. Jason stabbed him in the stomach with a sword and just prior to his death Theos transformed back into the normal man he had once been. Before he died Theos confessed to Jason that he had betrayed Jason's father and told Jason to be wary of Minos, that he must never find out who Jason truly was and that Jason had a great destiny. (The Earth Bull)