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Vital statistics
Family King Minos (father)
Ariadne (sister)
Queen Pasiphae (step-mother)
Jason (step-brother)
Appearances White Lies
Portrayed by Darwin Shaw

Therus was the brother of Ariadne and the son of King Minos of the City of Atlantis. He was originally heir to the throne before he was banished from the city.


Early Life[]

Heir to the throne of Atlantis, Therus was a part of the royal household until it was believed he was plotting to overthrow his father, King Minos. This accusation was backed by Pasiphae who succeeded in exiling Therus from the city altogether. He was forced to flee without saying goodbye to Ariadne.

Return to Atlantis[]

Therus fights Jason

Therus is forced to fight Jason as he tries to save his sister.

He sent Stolos to give a message to Ariadne, asking her to meet Therus in Synas. When Korinna, Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras came instead, he believed it to be a trap, but learnt that they were there to help. As an army lead by Heptarian arrived in the small ruin, they were forced to escape to a Mountain farmstead in the Forest of Nysa.

Jason promised to bring Ariadne safely to Therus and did so. He was allowed to speak privately with Ariadne as he tried to persuade her to leave Atlantis because it was far too dangerous to stay. When she didn't comply, he drugged her and tried to escape with her on horseback. Mistaken, Jason believed that he was trying to capture her, and they ended up fighting. Therus was about to kill Jason when Ariadne stopped him. He heard directly from her that her being in Atlantis meant that some people could be saved and there were other reasons for her staying. Therus knew that she meant Jason and decided to leave it there. After an affectionate goodbye Therus escaped into the woods. (White Lies)