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Aeson, better known as Tychon, is the former husband of Pasiphae and the father of Jason. He is a leper and lives in a colony of lepers in the silver mines, following being shunned by society.


After Jason was born, Aeson's wife Pasiphae betrayed him and usurped the throne of Atlantis with King Minos. Aeson took Jason to the modern world to protect him.

He later met Jason, Ariadne, Pythagoras and Hercules in the silver mines. He recognised his son, from the amulet that he had given him as a child. He offered to shelter them overnight. He wounded and knocked out Heptarian when the army attacked and helped the refugees escape. He prevented Pasiphae from killing Jason and informed her of the latter's true parentage. She made him promise never to tell Jason the truth. He agreed and tried to dissuade Jason from returning to Atlantis- to no avail. (Touched by the Gods Part 2)